Coating materials

To serve customers better, we supply one stop service for coating materials including targets(rectangle, rotatable, disc ), granules, crucibles, evaporation boats and semi-finished rods, plates, sheets ,discs for customer's further machining.

Product discription purity available as
Ag Silver 99.99% Target,granules
Al Aluminum, 99.999% Target,granules
Co Cobalt 99.9% Target,granules
Cr Chromium 99.95% Target,granules
Cu Copper, 99.99% Target,granules
Hf Hafnium 99.9% Target,granules
HfO2 Hafnium oxide  99.95% Target, granules
Ir/Mn Iridium/ manganese 99.9% Target,Granules
ITO Indium Tin Oxide  99.99% Target,granules,powder
La Lanthanum 99.9% Target,granules
Mo Molybdenum 99.95% Target,granule,crubible,boat
Nb Niobium 99.95% Target,granule,crubible,boat
Nb2O5 Niobium pentoxide  99.99% Target, granules
Ni Nickel 99.95% Target,granules
NiCr Nickel Chromium 99.9% Target,granules
NiFe Nickel Iron  99.9% Target,granules
Pr Praseodymium 99.9% Target,granules
Pt/Ir Platinum/Iridium 99.9% Target,granules
Ru Ruthenium 99.95% Target,granules
Sc Scandium 99.9% Target,granules
SiO2 Silicon oxide 99.99% Target
Sn Tin 99.99% Target
Ta Tantalum 99.95-99.99% Target,granule,crubible,boat
Ta2O5 Tantalum pentoxide 99.99% Target,granules
Ti Titanium 99.5-99.995% Target,granules
TiO2 Titanium Dioxide 99.99% Target
W Tungsten 99.95% Target,granule,crubible,boat
Y Yttrium 99.9% Target,granules
Zn  Zinc 99.99% Target,granules
ZAO Zinc Oxide/Aluminum oxide  99.99% Target
Zr Zirconium 99.5% Target,granules

SRC is able to machine parts as per customer's drawing.You only need send us your required material,purity,dimension,quantity for an inquiry. you will get the quotation on the same day.