About us


SRC Metals is a global supplier and professional manufacturing company servicing customers worldwide with high quality Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium and Coating materials since 1998. Main products include sputtering targets, evaporation materials, parts, plate, disc, wire, foil, strip, rod and oxide etc.

We will continue to invest in our business for a long-term profitable growth based on mutual benefits with our customers. Through an extensive manufacturing and supply network, SRC produces and markets a full range of products for R&D, pilot and full-scale production. No MOQ order is required. We supply our products from Lab demand to mass production.

Our innovative and experienced team assures SRC's low cost and consistent quality. SRC procures raw materials, equipment, operating materials and services exclusively from approved suppliers with quality management systems certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Our target is to provide a high quality product at a competitive price and consistent prompt delivery. At the heart of our success is a commitment to quality. SRC's system of policies, procedures, training and documentation ensures consistency and optimal product quality.

SRC provides a distinct advantage for its customers in terms of product control. Refining, melting, hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing (HIP), machining, inspection and packaging are provided under one roof. A work sheet will accompany with coating materials from powder forming to inspection. Tracking the raw materials ID throughout our processes, assures traceable quality of our products .

SRC's Total Quality Management (TQM) system offers strict raw material incoming inspection, full process control, traceable documents, detailed test for finished products, which will guarantee our continuous improvement.

As a comany aware of its responsibilities, we do not purchase any " conflict minerals" which are mined in central africa, and primarily in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

We only procure Tantalum raw materials from ethically trustworthy sources, which are officially confirmed by EICC certification.

The audit scope covers all the preliminary stages involved in the production of the material. An annual re-audit is performed to confirm continued compliance.


Our products are widely used for architectural glass, optical glass, the laser industry, flat display panel (FDP), semiconductor, packaging industry, vacuum industry, light emitting diode (LED) industry, recording media, decorative coating and photovoltaic industry such as solar cell etc.

SRC works with partners by supplying OEMs service and replacement parts of end users. Our products are exported to America, Europe and Asia. We are honored to work with professors of many universities and Institutes on their cutting-edge researches.